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Vermont Family Based Approach: Pillars of Wellness

HIP Moms Classes

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Mindfulness “Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.” (Jon Kabat-Zinn). We will practice mindful sitting, standing, walking, eating, movement, and the bodyscan. These techniques are scientifically proven to help still your racing thoughts, manage stress, and invite clarity to those precious moments with your new one.

MomPower Join local mothers to learn ways to practice balanced parenting by connecting with our babies when they need it and also fostering independence as they explore their new world. We also discuss fun ways to take care of ourselves as new mothers and best practices in times of uncertainty.

Exercise – Walk for Wellness – Join Kate, Family Wellness Coach & your fellow HIP moms for a half-hour walk, outdoors if the weather is nice, indoors at the YMCA if it’s not.  Locations vary by week, check the calendar below for updates!

Prenatal Yoga The practice of yoga connects the mind to the body. In prenatal yoga the practice extends to connecting you to your baby in a welcoming and safe environment. Through breathwork and yoga sequences you will learn strategies to find balance, strength, and flexibility in your life that you can practice throughout your journey of motherhood.

Nutrition: with Cathy McIsaac, Bio-nutritionist.

HIP Moms Workshops

Postpartum Depression with Sarah Guth, MD What postpartum depression looks and feels like, and what to do about it.

Sleep with Pamela Swift, PhD Learning about sleep science and sleep hygiene. Discussion of common issues that disrupt sleep during pregnancy/postpartum and how to manage these in a safe, realistic way.

Self Care with Sarah Guth, MD One of the hardest, but best things you can do for yourself and for your baby postpartum is to remember how to take of yourself.  This is a discussion of how some easy strategies can help support you through the postpartum period.

Music for Expectant Mothers and Babies with Jennifer Debedout, MM, MT-BC and Ellie Brain: Wellness workshop designed to explore the use of music when preparing for delivery and for after you have your baby. The role of music for self-care,  prenatal bonding between mother and baby,  and early infant brain health.

Community Garden & Gatherings: Gardening provide many therapeutic benefits and falls within many of our Vermont Family Based Approach pillars! We will tend a small raised garden space together of vegetables and herbs and use the produce to make small dishes together at our Community Gatherings.